NEW Total Gym FIT

The latest model in the range - The Fit targets ALL major muscle groups simultaneously - resistance training, cardio training and stretching all on one machine. 12 levels of resistance with over 85 exercises. 

To celebrate the exclusive launch, each unit comes complete with a FREE Pilates upgrade kt 




Over 85 Different Exercises 

Cardio, strength training & stretch all on 1 machine, with 12 resistance levels. Targets all areas of the body - including waist, stomach, butt, thighs and arms. 

Total Body Time Saver

Strengthens and tones multiple major muscle groups simultaneously - that's a total body work-out in just 10 – 20 minutes!

A Complete Fitness System

Complete 6 DVD workout library & workout tools to support and train you while you exercise

Age is Just a Number

Flexible settings accommodate beginner to advanced fitness levels and any ages - 8 to 80

It Couldn't Be Simpler

Arrives fully assembled & folds for easy storage - For hassle free, simple use.


30Day Risk Free Trial & Pilates Kit Upgrade

  • Folded v1.jpg

    LighWeight Frame

    Conveniently folds up for storage in your wardrobe or under your bed

  • ZoomSquatStand.jpg

    Squat Fitness Stand

    Great for targeting your butt and thighs for a more intense workout

  • Wings_Detail_FIT.jpg (2)

    Wing Attachment

    Allows a wider range of motion to achieve your fitness & weight loss goals

  • Handle1.jpg (1)

    Soft Grip Handles

    Ensure the ultimate comfort and flexibility during your workouts

Real People and Real Results

  • Kristen Miller.jpg (4)

    Kristen Miller

    "I lost 100 pounds - I lost almost a whole person and that is an amazing feeling! I got my new body all because of the Total Gym. Just 10 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week and you can have a new body too".*

  • Rebecca Kristy.jpg

    Rebecca Kristy

    "I lost 10 pounds in that very first month we were trying it. I could feel my body and see my body being more toned and tightened. Now I've lost 80 pounds and kept it off!"*

  • Shawn Peterson.jpg

    Shawn Peterson

    "With the Total Gym I've lost 175 pounds. When I weighed 338 pounds, it was hard for me to do anything. I couldn't even tie my shoes. Just do what I did! Pick up your phone, make the call, get on the right track".*

Additional Accessories Now Available

  • Press Up Bars.JPG (1)

    Press-Up Bars

    Build & strengthen your upper back, chest, triceps and shoulders. Designed to accommodate military-style press exercises with a wide or narrow grip.

  • AbCrunch.JPG


    Firm and tone your abs while building core strength. Engage entire core for stability while contracting abdominals for overall function and biomechanics.

  • Weight Bar.JPG

    Weight Bar

    Adds increased resistance to your exercise program. Allows the addition of plate weights to the glideboard. Note: Weights not included.

Total Gym FIT FAQs

  • Can I try out the Total Gym Fit at home first?

    Absolutely! - Only Total Gym Fit offers a complete 30 Day Risk Free Trial, this way you get to try it in the comfort of your own home, before paying the full purchase price.

    Call now to find out more.

  • Who can use the Total Gym FIT?

    The Total Gym® FIT has a weight limit of 180kg - so anyone who fits this criteria can use the Total Gym® , from ages 8 to 80! No matter what your fitness level, your own body weight provides the resistance. You simply raise the incline to increase resistance and lower it to reduce resistance.

  • What is included when I buy the Total Gym Fit?

    • 1x Total Gym®  Fit unit
    • Wing attachment
    • Squat stand
    • Leg pulley kit
    • Exercise wall chart
    • Training Deck

    Plus receive:

    • 6-8 minute workout DVD
    • Todd Durkins 3x DVD series:
      - Boost energy and blast fat
      - Increase intensity challenge strength
      - Get ripped results
    • Gravity pilates DVD:
      - Infused Core, Beginner, Intermediate and 5-day advanced program
    • Total Gym®  Fit Pilates Kit 


  • Do I need to assemble the Total Gym FIT?

    No. The Total Gym® FIT arrives fully assembled and sets up in minutes with a 5-step easy setup. No tools are required. Folds for easy storage.

  • What are the specifications of the Total Gym FIT?

    Length: 93”

    Width: 18.5”

    Height: 44.5”

    Weight: 29.9kgs

    Assembled size is roughly the length of a 3-seater couch. Folds down to roughly the length of an ironing board for storing when not in use.

  • What type of workout will I get with the Total Gym FIT?

    You'll get a real workout with real results, just like you would in a gym. The Total Gym® uses Resistance Training, which is recommended by experts and used by athletes across a wide range of sports. Resistance training builds, strengthens and tones your muscles. You control the amount of resistance you want. Because of its unique design, Total Gym®  can also be used to help boost your cardio endurance. You get resistance training and a complete aerobic workout at the same time.

  • What type of maintenance is needed?

    Wipe down your Total Gym® after each use with a clean, damp (not wet) cloth. Do not leave towels or workout clothing laying or hanging on the equipment. Periodically check parts for signs of fraying or other wear (e.g. the cable, pulleys, wheels, glideboard, squat stand, frame). If a part needs replacement, do not use the equipment until it is repaired or replaced. Never use a lubricant such as WD-40 to lubricate or clean the unit. Use only 3-in-1 oil or machine oil to lubricate the axles of the wheel or pulley, not the roller surface.

  • Are the workouts difficult to do?

    The Total Gym® comes with easy instructions for beginning, intermediate, and advanced workouts (workout DVD’s, exercise manuals, exercise wall chart, training deck). It’s fun, fast, and effective! Get a total body workout in just 10-20 minutes a day!

  • What is the frequency of payments on a payment plan?

    The default payment frequency is set-up every 30 days from after your trial expires – which means the date will vary depending on the month. However, you have the flexibility to choose and request a payment plan which suits you i.e. weekly/fortnightly.

  • Do you charge interest on a payment plan?

    Absolutely not! Our payment plans are interest free to make your purchase more flexible and affordable for you.

    The plans are an agreement that you will pay the agreed regular instalments, if you are overdue or default on these payments then interest could be incurred.


*As everyone is different individual results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition

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